PoucHB of Poughkeepsie said in both these cases the

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all probability the normal lochia may contain an ana

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affect in a suitable manner the alimentary substances. The exuberance

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must be termed reflex as for instance the palpitation

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tient may be petted and encouraged in the nursing of her fan

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an ounce of water. The best external application for healing tho

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The character of Ihe eruption all over the body rapidly improved

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students and indeed they suggest that it is questionable

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sHghtest degree affect an image upon another part. Hence

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in any of the traceable Ijranclies of the vessel. In

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worth while as a factor of interest to the profession to indicate

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and it is only after fifteen days that trypanosomes are found in

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between plural births and congenital defects of mind. I

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articulation only admitting of motion in two direc

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Let them make the most of the above outlined occurrence.

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class receive a month the pay of an officer. Those of the

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including especially the early jaundice the early presence of

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Other antiseptics carbolic acid creolin etc. may be used if pre

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daughter is ingenious. The example of David on the lofs of his

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taining one person for a period of twelve years which is

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sionally. In man who is omnivorous they occur in from to per

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tous blotch occupies the fore part of the foot extending over the

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vulsion is connected with a depressed state of the circulation

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but it is hard to see how the growth could have been

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divergent character. The nearer the object is to the tube the

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impact b reduced as from a spent bullet if the impinging

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more nourishment than any other liquid preparation of meat and when properly

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that older writers were misled by failing to distinguish

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Some absurd or sui erstitious notions are usually at the

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missing secretions and the fact that clinically improvement follows their use

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the fall and winter of at Port Gibson it was observed

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In another series of experiments the fate of bones or frag

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For conversion into the barium salt the ammonium salt of the

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signal for the intensification of infection in the part but

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