Medical constituencies. They might he feared foster an idea

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Conjunctivitis rather slow in its progress begins in some cases

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of extensive effusion are as follows The thorax is dilated in a

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In any case it indicates a considerable general disorganization of the

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right side of the face and the tongue deviated to the

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The causes of death in nephritis vary according to age. Under

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tion with but actually adherent to its inner coat. Higher

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base hospitals of the rear. Dr. Connell then spoke of

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she had become a full fledged hypochondriac. As her family doctor was

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tions become offensive. It is coming to be realized that in order to

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of the ovary occurred with profuse hemorrhage. Had an

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in any of the traceable Ijranclies of the vessel. In

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eating heartburn due to fermentation or to excessive

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regarded the organism as identical with that discovered by Posada

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the hospital immediately delivered but died soon after. Autopsy showed

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bitten or kicked an attendant should hold the patient by the

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self most anxiously in local politics and is thus a nervous irritable

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until about the time of the crisis. These facts are responsible for many

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Resolved That whereas Mr. Henwood late Secretary to the

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tenders him sympathy in the persecution to which he

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position of the viscera as well as to absorption from in

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helpful in acute cases. Pharyngeal massage to restore

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The publishers are to be congratulated in again put

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The REGULAR SESSION opens Wednesday October d and continues five months. During

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The earlier the treatment is begun the sooner may we expect the

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his paper with a rdsum of the preliminary treatment he

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notes that in competent hands under absolute cycloplegia

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row in the so called medullary form and the enlargement

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of here. In the government s efforts to eradicate the disease

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antiseptic dressing. For a boil or carbuncle the old fashioned crucial incis

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his care a patient who had periodical attacks of inflammation

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the first segment of the sacrum. An injection of fluid

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hours and upon the taking of food. Apart from these influences how

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leeches belong to a work of this kind although the chap

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the success which attended that gathering cheers and they knew

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a most important thing in breaking up the wedge. An

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